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The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard , an Action-Adventure Gaiden Game prequel taking place a few centuries before the main series takes place, includes the first Feelie for the series in the form of A Pocket Guide to the Empire.

The Pocket Guide is a booklet which gives the first detailed look at the setting of the Elder Scrolls universe written from a sometimes unreliable in-universe perspective, with notes and sketches added by the previous owner in the margins.

Morrowind comes with a full-color map of Vvardenfell done in the style of an in-universe cartographer. Both expansions, Tribunal and Bloodmoon , likewise come with similar maps of Mournhold and Solstheim, respectively.

The collector's edition of Oblivion comes with a replica of the in-game currency, as well as an updated edition written some in-game years later of the aforementioned Pocket Guide.

The 5th anniversary edition of Oblivion comes with a paper map. Skyrim 's many re-releases come variously with all sorts of Feelies, from maps to guides to figurines and more.

While it didn't get any of the cool Guides listed above, the Elder Scrolls Anthology features all of the maps listed above, along with one for the entirety of Cyrodiil and one for the Iliac Bay region.

The games themselves were contained in a nice-looking bookbox, where the discs were surrounded with artwork of the region each game is set in, screenshots of the game, and blurbs describing each game's premise.

Golden Sun came with a partial map of the game world. The sequel came with a complete map of the game world, as well as a primer on the plot and characters of the original game on the flipside.

And Dark Dawn came with Since it was starting a new story, the primer wasn't needed, and the character relationship chart was full of spoilers, so it was pulled and then leaked to the internet.

Survival Edition is the ultimate Fallout 3 package that includes a life-size replica of the Pip-Boy , the wrist-mounted device worn by characters in-game.

The Pip-Boy has been painstakingly recreated and modified for real world display as a digital clock. It was spiral-bound and written entirely in-character: The manual included a chapter on nuclear weapons and nuclear war so you could understand what your ancestors did to the world to make it so dangerous.

New Vegas continues the trend with its special edition. It includes poker chips from each of the casinos in-game, a deck of cards with characters or places from the game on each card, a making of DVD, a comic book showing the backstories of several characters and a special silver poker chip which has some significance in-game.

This new model features a space for the player to put their cell phone, as there was a Pip-Boy Companion App that you can use with the game.

The case for the Fallout Anthology was a feelie itself! It was a roughly 1: Unscrewing the top reveal discs of the first five Fallout titles sans the infamous Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel , as it has fallen into Canon Discontinuity and wasn't released on PC in the first place , including a space for the then-upcoming Fallout 4.

One had the map of the world along with key locations on one side, and maps of various dungeons on the other. The second had all of the weapon, item, and magic details on one side, and monster stats albeit with the main boss shadowed out and several monsters provided with???

And the page manual included a walkthrough of the first half of the game, along with some other useful information.

We're not even going to get started on the various feelies The Witcher has shipped with in its various versions.

The Wikipedia article on it even includes a section just for that. Although it wasn't until the third game's collector's edition that they finally made full replicas of the protagonist's wolf's-head medallion.

Atlus USA provides Feelies with some of its larger-profile titles through its Atlus Spoils program, which offers things like soundtracks, artbooks, and sometimes even plushes related to the game at no extra cost.

The initial release of Persona 3 was delayed a few weeks so they could get their art book just right. The art book itself was full of interesting sketches and some spoilers; some of the material never made it into the game, such as concept art of the main character as a girl.

Persona 3 Portable preorders in certain areas come with Junpei's hat. Even the most basic version of Persona 4 comes with a partial soundtrack CD.

Persona 5 comes with a special steelbook case for early copies of the PS4 version. Launch copies without the steelbook instead get a controller skin.

Shadow of the Labyrinth: Early copies included a partial set of tarot cards. The other cards were included with Persona 4: Endless Frontier was released in a special box containing the game and an OST of the game.

Knights in the Nightmare in particular featured about 32 songs on its OST, and featured a pre-order bonus of a page artbook that went so far as to tell players that it might be best to hold off flipping through it until after the second playthrough.

Raidou Kuzunoha 2 made waves, though; it was released in a special edition boxed-set, featuring the game, and a Jack Frost plushie, dressed up as the titular Devil Summoner Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey came with an OST.

Unfortunately, the ones packaged with the game were defective. Upon being informed of the problem, Atlus set up a page on their site where a replacement could be ordered free of charge Shin Megami Tensei IV came in a large box with a music CD and art book.

Of note is that the CD contained an exclusive live performance of a medley of all Cathedral of Shadows themes , and that the art book also doubled as a partial strategy guide.

Atlus' release of Magna Carta: Tears of Blood came packed with an artbook. Additionally, the CD's case doubled as a booklet containing concept art and a couple of comics.

The game case also has a reversible cover that has a tabletop game on the flip side. The indie lab Introversion pretty much kicked this trope in the 21st century with Uplink and the completely game-separate digital riddles you have to crack to access the goodies.

The second one is said to be found on the Uplink bonus disk available from Introversion. And the third one, "who knows where that might be hidden".

The Last of the Bedroom Programmers, indeed. The American release of EarthBound came in an oversized box which included a player's guide, written and presented in the style of a travel guide with newspaper clippings.

Good luck getting one of these now. The Jet-Black Mage came with an entire spellbook, with its spells actually usable and required!

By referencing the book, players could figure out what to do in the game. Secret of Evermore came with a poster of two drawings that would seem to be ancient maps from the prehistoric and Roman areas of the game, plus a more straightforward map of the overworld.

If you preordered either you would get a pretty Ho-Oh or Lugia figurine, same as in Japan. If you preordered both at once, you got both figurines, but in Japan you would get an Arceus one as well.

U volume 1's special edition came with an extra DVD with info about the first four games and a figurine of Haseo. The collector's edition of Two Worlds came with a tabletop RPG that featured a handy illustration of a four-sided die with five sides.

In Germany, people who preordered the Royal Edition got: A sword a full-size replica of the in-game sword Kilgorin, or Elexorien in some cases.

About 80cm long, stainless steel A letter opener version of a similar sword A full game world map The Knight Shift Soundtrack and when it got published, a discount on the Two Worlds soundtrack A T-Shirt A leather organizer with matching multi-purpose pen red biro, black biro and pencil A set of playing cards Ys The limited edition of Ys Seven as released by Xseed comes with a soundtrack CD, an artbook with images from Ys Seven , Ys: The limited edition of Ys: Memories of Celceta came with a 3-disc soundtrack featuring music from various different Ys games and their remakes, a cloth map of Celceta, a compass with the Ys logo, and a thick page strategy guide "written by" adventurer and series protagonist Adol, with a smattering of sketches and cover art covering the pages.

Record of Agarest War. Really Naughty Limited Edition. The Limited Edition of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep , and cutscenes from Kingdom Hearts re: Coded contained a special pin.

The Collector's edition featured a plush of one of the "Shadow" enemies, a hardcover art book, and a steelbook that could house the game and I.

Buzz Aldrin Race Into Space had a huge manual which detailed the history of the space race and provided all the context needed to enjoy the game.

Loom and The President Is Missing both shipped with audio cassettes that gave supplemental information for the game.

The older Maxis manuals, with their commitment to wit, wisdom and just generally going above and beyond the call of duty, were worth the price of admission alone.

Of particular note were the Additional Information sections at the end of the manuals, such as Sim Earth 's "Introduction to Earth Science", A-Train's History of railways section, SimAnt 's abridged biology text on ants, and SimCity 's Gallery section, which included pictures, poetry and prose designed to stimulate and inspire city designers.

The last survivor was SimCity 's manual, which despite being a real page book, only features gameplay information. Origin was generally pretty good about feelies.

The manuals for the first, third, and fifth Wing Commander games, along with the Xbox Live Arcade game Wing Commander Arena , were presented in the format of an in-universe magazine.

The first Wing Commander also included blueprint posters for several of the fighters you would pilot over the course of the game.

The stats on these posters were also used as answers for the games' Copy Protection questions. Also included was a pilot's map of the Korean Peninsula and even mission briefing sheets to be photocopied and filled out with your various waypoints, targets, radio frequencies, and fall-back airfields.

During the surge of flight sims during the early and mids, extensive manuals were common "feelies". In many of the hard-core non-survey sims, a significant manual was a requirement not an "extra" as mastering the avionics systems was quite a feat in and of itself.

Microprose and EA's line of Jane's games were particularly noted for their extensive documentation, befitting their status as hard-core sim titles.

F Strike Eagle III not only came with a thick, richly detailed manual complete with an entire chapter about the actual developmental history of the titular aircraft, a real-life account of one of the developers who also happened to have been a real F pilot during Desert Storm and complete alternate histories for some of the 20 Minutes into the Future campaigns, but also came with a photo-essay book obtainable only through the purchase of the game about the actual real-life squadron the player flew for in the game, and authentic squadron patches.

F Stealth Strike Fighter for Commodore 64 by the same company came with a thick manual describing, among other things, the basics of aerodynamics, air combat maneuvers, detailed take-off and landing procedures, and extensive, if propaganda-ridden info about weapons and aircraft encountered in the game.

In the box one could also find a keyboard overlay with controls, and two double-sided military-style maps though the geographical detail was questionable of the areas you flew over.

Frontier- Elite 2 Came with a manual that was written in the style of an instruction manual for your spacecraft, a travel guide to many of the star systems featured With a short explanation of the in game history , a book of short stories set in the game universe, and a wallchart of most inhabited star systems within the game.

And the one floppy that the game fitted onto. The first Elite came with a novella named The Dark Wheel that was set in the game world.

TIE Fighter initially included "The Steele Chronicles," which gave backstory to the player character and additional details about the campaign story through his perspective.

The manual for Impressions' "SimGreek" game Zeus: Master of Olympus was a humorous page paperback of Democrates and his first city's meager beginnings as most of Greek's divine pantheon and some significant cultural figures advise him on the gameplay mechanics.

Then, click on the Gymnasium button with all your might. Now, let out a roar of triumph, and make sure that the Gymnasium is along a road so that it can function.

Caveman Ugh-lympics came with a very funny one-sheet newspaper, 'The Ugh-zaminer'. The Crusader games had fold-out newsletters, and much of the manuals was written in an "in-world" format.

Incidentally, if you kept track of the dates and events in said fold-outs, it becomes clear that Crusader , Wing Commander , and System Shock are all, in fact set in the same universe!

The original release of the game included an exclusive promotional card for use with the Doom Trooper card game. Gears of War 2 , the Limited Special Collector's Ultimate Edition came with a picture book explaining the back-story of the planet Sera well, some of it, Wild Mass Guessing for this series lives off of it being vague , and inside the book was the very picture of Dom and his wife, Maria, that Dom repeatedly looks at throughout the game.

It even had the in-game back of the picture message written on the back of the hard copy, as well. The Golden Lancer surely deserves a mention.

As do the Gear-shaped "dog tags" that EB offered as a pre-order bonus in Australia. The Japanese Limited Edition includes a coffee mug.

Heroes of Might and Magic II and III come with fold-out cards showing creature statistics and town construction dependencies and a manual nearly reaching pages.

Colonization came with a large manual and nice fold out "cheat sheet" showing all the unit types and the buildable structures. Games by Purple Moon, another production house exclusive to The '90s , always came with them.

Rockett's World games had dolls of the characters and Secret Paths games had plastic stones like those won from the puzzles; both came with cards for a series-specific card game.

The rest of the dolls and stones, as well as booster packs, were sold separately. And if that wasn't enough, the first editions of the first games released simultaneously came with a shirt, a lip gloss and a backpack.

A Japan-only limited edition of Ace Attorney Investigations: Blood Drive Heavenly Host Edition comes with an artbook, soundtrack, and two figurines.

Mandatory Happiness Limited Edition comes with an artbook, soundtrack, pencil boards, microfiber cloth, and collector's box. The Steins;Gate 0 Amadeus Edition includes a presentation box, soundtrack, artbook, pin badge, and fairy upa figure.

Code Embryo Limited Edition comes with eight art cards. The Grand Theft Auto games came with maps. The original on PC actually came with three maps on two poster-sized sheets, which contained maps of Liberty and Vice cities, as well as San Andreas.

Red Dead Redemption came with a map of the game world. Saints Row 1 came with an instruction booklet made to look like a journal written by an undercover cop within the Saints.

As you played through the game, it became clear who the writer was. The EB Australia-only Initiation Pack took that even further and added a Saints "ID card", money clip, EB vouchers, a Saints "rule book" containing character bios, shops and other infomation, plus a Saints basketball singlet all packaged in a Freckle Bitch's pizza box.

The Third had something different depending on which country you got it from. The North American version came with a soundtrack and a computer headset that not only let you listen to music and communicate with your friends, but also auto-tuned your voice.

The Australian version, however, had two special editions. The first one was the "Smooth Criminal" Edition, and it came with sunglasses, cufflinks, a bullet-shaped ice cube tray, and the soundtrack.

The second one was the "Maximum Pleasure" edition, and it included a Professor Genki head, a Professor Genki keyring, and a Professor Genki banner pen.

The special collector's edition of Spore came with not only 2 DVDs one about the making of the game and another from National Geographic about how Nature and evolution inspired the game but also a Art of Spore book that had early concepts, development pics, and ads for even more books about Spore.

Terraria got a Collector's Edition after development temporarily ceased with 1. It included a physical CD, CD case with artwork, a small pickaxe, a poster, trading cards physical cards, not Steam cards , character stickers and new players in the game start with a carrot that summons a bunny pet, matching their shirt color.

The cards are a? Sometimes even TV special editions have them - especially in anime releases, with one of the most common inclusions being an "art box" meant to house further volumes.

Some releases go really whole hog, though: Lucky Star came with T-shirts that everyone can wear in public packed into its limited editions. The German version of Ikki Tousen shipped its collector's edition box with a pair of girl's panties.

The special edition Naruto DVD sets come with feelies such as figurines, headbands, wristbands, and storyboard books.

The first edition of the Japanese Get Ride! Amdriver DVDs came with a collector card featuring the characters. Unfortunatedly, since the DVDs didn't sell that well and Konami apparently produced too large a first edition, this meant you could still buy first edition DVDs over a year after release for the normal price One DVD collection of.

The three-disk collector's edition of Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva came bundled with a book of the storyboards from the film.

This kicked off Funi bringing back limited editions dvd for some of their shows. The Limited editions for the movie and world series have continued to come with bandanas.

Also a convention-exclusive white one was a freelie for spending 50 dollars at their booth, though some did turn up at an Anime News Network Panel.

Really, Funimation is pretty good for feelies - Kodomo no Omocha 's English release by Funimation came with a fold-out art box and a little wallet-type bag with the series' cute animal mascot ADV Films has been known to add some cool feelies from time to time though - in addition to most of their releases having a version of the first volume available with an art box, often they'll fill said box with extra goodies.

The release of Excel Saga tended to come with really Such as one volume coming with a "tapping sumo" game and this was in addition to all the volumes already having on-disc features like Easter Egg -riddled menus, games, and " AD Vidnotes ", which was basically Pop Up Video for anime.

And perhaps the weirdest and yet most "appropriate": Najica Blitz Tactics — a Fanservice-heavy spy series where a "panty-shot drinking game" would have gotten you drunk by the halfway point of the first episode — came with an actual pair of Najica -branded panties.

It was kind of cool, especially if you were already the kind of fan who collects cels to begin with.

The American release of the first volume of Comic Party , which came with an art box - a white box covered in sketchy, pencil-drawing-like art, with a clear slipcover that had animation-cel-like full-color character art that matched up perfectly to some of the drawings.

It also came with a guide booklet filled with pop-culture notes helpful, since the series is about the underground world of doujinshi and thus features tons of Japan-specific or doujin-community-specific references , as well as a mini- Pencil Board that was autographed by one of the English dub's voice actors.

The home video release also had trading cards which were different from the ones given out in theaters. When the Victini movie had a limited release in , people were given a giant Victini card, a pamphlets, a manga sampler, and a card for use with the Nintendo 3DS Poke Dex app which will allow you to see Victini.

Bonds Beyond Time had a similar "card given to you when you see the movie" promotion like Pokemon's movie when Yu-Gi-Oh! Pyramid of Light came out.

When kids in Japan go to Pretty Cure movies, they get many free bonuses. First, there's a little flashlight-like object called a Miracle Light the name will change based on the movie.

In case you want to know, Miracle Lights were first used starting with the Yes! Particularly optimized defensive builds can literally be parked and left unmonitored for extended periods of time in all but the most dangerous of areas.

The Wendigos are hulking, monstrous beasts over twice the size of a human. They are regularly beaten to death by level 1 characters using the weapons they start the game with.

Their snowy counterparts, on the other hand All three player-characters from the first game wound up this way by the time of the second.

The warrior became possessed by Diablo's soulstone, becoming the Dark Wanderer and eventually Diablo himself. The rogue became corrupted and turned into Blood Raven.

The sorcerer became the Summoner who's causing Lut Gholein a small hell's worth of grief. Fate Worse than Death: Both Tal Rasha and the warrior from the first Diablo make the unwise decision to insert a soulstone containing a demon into their bodies.

The end results were not pretty for either of them. Tal Rasha knew exactly what he was getting into and why , and the PC had been corrupted by Diablo himself , but it still sucked in the end.

After the warden of Sessheron warns him that he's not welcome and that they will fight him, Baal says "I shall take your position into consideration" as if he might be doing so.

He then gives a couple of casual demonstrations of his power, and then splatters the poor warden all over the place, finishing with a mocking "It seems your terms are not acceptable.

The archetypes get expanded on and diversified, with the Paladin and Barbarian descending from the Warrior, the Assassin and Amazon descending from the Rogue, and so on.

Most classes can be played as two or even all three types, though. Diablo II , already quite similar to roguelikes , offers a "hardcore" setting to players who have beaten the game, in which their character file is locked after a single death, and can no longer be played.

It's still there, though, and you can see a record of all your Hardcore deaths if you feel like keeping them. And cheaters can edit the dead character's save to restore them to life, good as new.

Quoth the game manual: Blizzard Entertainment is in no way responsible for your hardcore character. If you choose to create and play a hardcore character, you do so at your own risk.

Blizzard is not responsible for the death and loss of your hardcore characters for any reason including Internet lag, bugs, Acts of God, your little sister, or any other reason whatsoever.

Consult the End User License Agreement for more details. Blizzard will not, and does not have the capability to restore any deceased Hardcore characters.

La-la-la-la-la, we can't hear you. La-la-la-la-la, we can't hear you Until a player gets familiar with which enemies have death novas , they're Kaizo traps to melee fighters, and ranged attackers who think it's safe to pull off a point-blank coup-de-grace.

Kill It with Ice: Diablo II introduces the Cold element to kill stuff and be killed with. It also has a chance of successfully shattering stuff.

Several fixed king mooks act as bosses and fixed encounters, as well as randomly generated ones that spawn at random locations every time you load the game.

Knockback is a specific effect that can be either part of an attack or a modifier on a weapon. Knockback is guaranteed to make an enemy flinch and interrupt their attack, but it may take longer to kill enemies in melee because you'll have to keep walking up to them.

Diablo II has an Amazon character, but their description in the manual averts this. The Amazons only allow women to be warriors, but it's because they live in a jungle environment, where the female body is better suited for combat.

Men are allowed every right and privilege women are, and can fill all other social roles - they're even allowed into the priesthood, despite the central deity being female.

The only difference between male and female social standing is that men aren't allowed in the military. The Amazon player class wears one, although it's more like a loincloth in design than a skirt.

Tyrael of the Angiris Council to Malthael. He clearly balances out what is right and wrong. This is toned down significantly significantly for the players and friendly NPCs, but the bosses are just as dramatic as ever.

Last Chance Hit Point: There's a Good Bad Bug in that when a character is killed while shapeshifted , he shifts back and stays at 1 Hit Point but doesn't die.

Many boss and miniboss monsters in the series have AoE elemental explosions that occur on death, which can be very nasty for Hard Core players.

The random monster attributes Fire Enchanted and Cold Enchanted not only give their wielders elemental damage of the respective type but upon death they pull off this trope: For low-level characters, the latter is VERY nasty as cold damage slows and such monsters rarely go solo.

Player characters can acquire this via certain pieces of equipment, such as the unique Rainbow Facet jewels. The spells "Volcano" and "Molten Boulder".

Law of Chromatic Superiority: The weakest of the creatures known as "Fallen ones" are red, the stronger version known as "carver" are blue, the strongest called "Dark ones" are black not counting a very special purple version.

The Balrog-type demon also fits. From the weakest to strongest: Normal red , Nightmare yellow , Hell black. In keeping with the theme of color-changing items, Diablo II added yellow for rare and green for set items, changing unique to gold.

While it partially subverted the system since although rare items had more modifiers, regular magic items could have larger ones, but then the best weapons are unique or runeworded anyway.

Leaking Can of Evil: The Soulstones turned out to be this as a result of Izual filling the Prime Evils in on how to corrupt them. Mephisto's soulstone in particular resulted in the Zakarum high priesthood becoming corrupted and turning into demons.

Legendary in the Sequel: Three of the villains are actually the heroes from the first game. The Rogue has become an undead creature haunting the monastery graveyard, the Sorcerer is a mad summoner living in a pocket dimension, and the Warrior is the receptacle for Diablo's reincarnation.

The Assassin has a skill called Blade Fury which is weak in comparison to other traps the Assassin can set and receives barely a better base damage to mana cost ratio if you spend more skill points into it.

This becomes even more impressive when you realize that it also causes the traits of your weapons like elemental damage as well as the traits you add to it by other means like armor or skills.

So if your weapon possesses Mana Steal you have a ranged attack that refills your mana as long as it hits, if your weapon possesses Knockback it will push enemies away from you and if your weapon possesses the ability to randomly cast spells it will cast that spell with a similar ratio where it hits and it costs almost no mana at all.

The downsides of it are that you can't move while you use it you can't move while you cast most spells anyway , it only hits single enemies as long as it doesn't cast other spells and enemies are still able to avoid or block it though as evasions and blocks are often tied to an animation they might be hit by the next blade as soon as they recover from defending.

This is an example of a literal Death of a Thousand Cuts for bosses outside of the screen caused by a Spam Attack. However, the lava actually behaves the same as walls and there is no way to step on it.

The series revels in this. Diablo II online is basically made of powerleveling. Get glitched by a high-level player to beat the game on the highest difficulty at level 1, join a game, go to the second-last room and wait for the other characters to kill things, exit game, go back to step 2.

Even ignoring online play, this is pretty much a necessity. Try going through the game without level grinding, you probably won't access even a single rank of the highest level skill.

Now try and go through the game on Nightmare with that character. If you play on your own single player , you will not even get enough experience to keep up with the monsters, forcing you to stop and grind.

If you play only in full eight player online games, you very quickly outlevel the monsters and stop gaining more levels unless you skip ahead. In numerical terms, you gain over five times as much experience in a full game.

Of course, console commands can trick the game into thinking one's playing a game with any number of players between 1 and 8 while actually going solo.

Might make the enemies tougher, but as was mentioned above you'll outlevel them quickly enough. In single and multiplay, the better gear becomes more important to keeping up than character stats.

Because everything Randomly Drops , level grinding is just a byproduct of farming. Items do have level restrictions, and some items have strength requirements.

These requirements can be slightly reduced in-game if the item has the special suffix 'of Freedom' or if it is socketed with a jewel that grants the same suffix.

Just as in the first game, the Life Meter takes the form of a globe filled with red liquid, the same color as the life potions.

The color changes to green if the character is poisoned. Also, the globe is held up by a little demon statue, characters turn green when poisoned, and other things gas, throwing potions, damage stats are green when they relate to poison.

A Lighter Shade Of Gray: While the other angels are described as unfathomable in their motivations , Tyrael has humanity's best interests at heart.

Light Is Not Good: The angels initially wanted to destroy humanity due to being descended partially from demons. This changed when the Council voted to spare humans on seeing their possible nobility.

Imperius is the only one on the Council to continue to call for humanity's destruction and attempts to prevent any angelic attempts at aiding humanity.

Given his status as commander of heaven's armies and the angels' believe in order it greatly impedes the other angels from acting.

Lightning Can Do Anything: You might as well rename the "Lightning" skill tree as the "everything that isn't fire and ice" skill tree.

Teleport, telekinesis, force field, etc. The game presents a somewhat annoying case, in that one can only have two skills ready at any one time.

For passive skills like Paladin auras, this makes sense, but for normal attacks and spells it's very limiting. The game also lets one assign skills to quick keys, but these only ready skills, actually activating them requires a press of the slot's button.

In Diablo II each class has a unique repertoire of skills, and only the universal utility spells of Identify and Town Portal are available as single-use, no-requirement scrolls.

They can no longer be learned as spells. Up to twenty such scrolls can be bound into a book to take up less inventory space. A certain type of skeletal enemy fits this trope to a T.

They shamble around dragging enormous broadswords, but if a player gets too close they can swiftly attack. Linear Warriors, Quadratic Wizards: In early levels your physical, combat class will sweep the floor with any Mooks standing in their way.

Later levels see the caster become extremely powerful, especially those who went with Frost or Cold effects. Casters are easier since they depend less on items most Fighters basically require quite good items to succeed, while some casters can get by with any old thing , and the Sorceress has free access to Teleport which makes a huge difference, but for the toughest bosses, a Fighter is always better.

A "Smiter" can beat Uber Tristram with relatively mediocre items; for a Sorceress, it's almost impossible without preposterously rare items.

There are melee builds dubbed "caster killers" for how effectively they can trash Necromancers, casting Druids and Sorceresses. This is in part due to a piece of armor which gives any class the ability to teleport, a skill normally reserved for the Sorceress.

Even low-level duels are well-matched between caster and melee. But only with Enigma. Before the expansion, caster classes shot ahead of fighters early on and then hit a hard cap at about level 50 after their main offensive spell was maxed, at which point fighter classes only got started.

The only viable endgame caster builds involved merciless exploitation of percentage based damage Static Field, Corpse Explosion, Iron Maiden or bugs Blessed Hammer while flat damage spells were only used to finish off enemies reduced to a sliver by Static Field or to kill a handful of enemies at the start of a run so you could get some revived minions up.

The game tilted in favour of casters, at first because it was easy enough to promote area of effect abilities, then because later patches made the game much harder to the point where melee builds without godly items stood no chance.

Meanwhile new items solved the early game struggles of caster classes and provided ways around elemental immunities, enabling them to dominate pretty much the entire game from start to finish.

The necromancer before the expansion had spells with awful scaling effects. His poison spells did not gain damage per second when you spent skill points into them, only duration, meaning you could kill anything In an action RPG.

The worst of the worst were poison skeletal mages which ended up doing literally 1 damage per second for 3 minutes.

While shattering is not so much "freeze then crush with blunt instrument" as "freeze then kill normally", it is one of the more effective way of dealing with things that are liable to be resurrected or used somehow by something nearby.

The Assassin can summon a shadowy clone to fight on her side. A Load of Bull: Hell Bovines from the Secret Cow Level.

Loads and Loads of Loading: A particularly unpleasant example at the end of Act 2 - in multiplayer games, while you're waiting for the final boss area to load, said boss has already started attacking you, frequently resulting in players being dead before they can do anything.

In earlier versions of the expansion, the 5th wave of minions before the final boss caused a similar lag spike. Thankfully, these were fixed in later patches.

While not necessary to the plot, locked chests required generic keys to be open. The hero, despite having the strength to vanquish the three prime evils, is incapable of opening these chests without a key unless they're an Assassin.

The Amazon and the Rogues you can hire in Act I. Both specialize in bows, crossbows, and javelins. A few variant builds for other classes fall into this as well, such as the Throwbarb and the Ranger bow using paladin.

The corrupted Sisters do this. In all fairness though, they are moaning in relief out of being released from a bondage to evil. Median XL is a mod that features invulnerable trap-like monsters that kill you instantly when you get near, but don't move.

This being Diablo , you can imagine how well that went. Not only that, but players figured out ways to kill monsters that are immune to all elements, monsters that cannot even be targeted tip: There are even four different ways to do so: High-level characters could go to the last Waypoint of each act and send a Town Portal to be used by low-level players in their party.

This allowed n00bs to gain access to certain areas without completing the prerequisite quests: This was nerfed in the 1. An allegedly popular set of challenges are the 1 17, 2 20, 3 30 Diablo kills — basically, killing the final boss on a difficulty setting at the earliest possible level.

To use the Hell entrance in Normal difficulty requires a character level of 17, to access Nightmare difficulty requires a level of 20, and Hell difficulty is accessible at Each challenge is to be attempted solo, though you are not required to attempt or complete any of the earlier challenges to attempt the coveted 3 There's also the literal lowest-level-possible challenge, which can be attempted only using outdated patches.

And we have the Ironman challenges of various difficulty, the impossible no-items-no-skills-no-stats challenge, and of course any build or item choice less than optimal will be challenging at least to defend against hecklers.

Notably, the Paladin class has both a handful of special shields as his class items and a few abilities that require shield use. Any monster with the 'Fire Enchanted' trait promptly cover a decent amount of the ground with themselves upon death.

This gets especially silly with the boss of the Flayer Dungeon, as you have to defeat him twice and has Fire Enchanted in both forms.

Necromancers can do this to nearly any dead enemy with Raise Skeleton Mage or Corpse Explosion, as well. Some monsters also break into gibs upon a normal sword-bashing death.

It's funny to cast the resurrection spell with a necromancer on them and watch the death animation play backwards. Gibs fly into the air and connect with each other, forming a fully functional undead monster.

Interestingly, if one kills a swarm of locusts and attempts to raise a skeleton from the "corpse", the same bloody explosion will occur and produce a perfect human skeleton complete with weapon.

Also, if you kill an enemy skeleton, you can cast the raise-skeleton spell on it, but first it too must explode in a shower of blood and gory effluence.

Blow up a tiny Leaper or Fetish and get a blood fountain as glorious as if you'd blown up an entire Blood Maggot. A dry, fleshless Skeleton Warrior?

That one little animation, illogical as it may be, provides so much catharsis. Many of the Druid's powers explode corpses too Diablo II continues the trend: To rescue Cain, find the scroll needed to access the Cairne Stones to open a portal to Tristram.

Later on, find the Horadric Malus that was left behind in the rogue monastary. To open the door to the final stage requires you to complete a long MacGuffin chain.

Find a Horadric Scroll in the sewers, then find the Horadric Cube , then find the two pieces of an ancient staff that must then be put together to form a full staff The Horadric Staff.

Horazon's Journal you need to read in the arcane sanctuary also applies as one even though it's not an item your character can grab. Similar to Act II, to open the door to Mephisto's lair, find the 4 pieces of an ancient flail throughout the Act that must then be put together to form a full flail Khalim's Will.

Act ends with you receiving Mephisto's Soulstone. The cutscene after finishing Act 4 also shows the player destroying Diablo's MacGuffin. Off-camera, Baal's MacGuffin is destroyed as well.

This is increased from Diablo. Magic can make nearly anything explode - arrows, snowballs, the earth itself, and most notably, corpses in a variety of gruesome ways.

Any monsters with the Fire Enchanted property explode spontaneously when they die, no matter how it happens, leaving only copious quantities of blood and goo.

You don't want to be too close when that happens. The Assassin is a member of the Viz-jaq'taar, an order formed by the Vizjerei mage clans and tasked with hunting down and eliminating rogue mages who traffic with demons.

The Amazon, whose archery was supplemented by support magic such as making enemies glow, which make them easier targets and summoning Valkyries.

Characters can equip a wide variety of magical rings, amulets, and tiaras. The Paladin who can use both defensive and offensive magical auras and the Assassin with her magical martial arts are the closest fits.

The Druid can specialize in either magic or physical combat with his shapeshifting tree , but doesn't really count since it's hard for him to do both at once.

The Necromancer's skills allow for a 'Meleemancer' build, which relies on primarily on curses to allow the Necro to cherrytap monsters to death without much risk.

Diablo II had simpler staves than in the first game that provided bonuses to sorceress' skills. They can also have high melee damage, but are not likely to be used in an actual fight.

An exception to this is the unique staff "Ribcracker", which is a fairly popular weapon for shapeshifter druids who don't have access to the high end expensive runewords.

The Assassin's gadgets such as the lightning trap, flame trap and blade barrier would fall under this. As a coven of mage hunters, the assassins avoid making use of spells.

However, as a former mage clan, they've instead dedicated themselves to developing psychic powers and engineering weapons and tools based on their old magics.

Necromancers and sorceresses can use wands that provide bonuses to their spells. However, they're used as clubs in combat. Weak, easily breakable, expensive to repair clubs: Make Me Wanna Shout: The Barbarian has a number of vocal capabilities howl, taunt, shout, battle cry, battle orders, war cry and battle command with a number of effects on enemies ranging from fear, stunning or status penalties all the way to immediate damage.

They can also grant allies temporary buffs. It's the fuel for spells of all types. The " Mana Burn " modifier that can spawn on unique monsters, which takes some of your mana when they hit you.

There are also regular monsters with mana draining attacks. Encountering a monster with both Mana Burn and lightning enchanted is fun.

The mana orb is blue and held by a statue of an angel. Mana Potions restored your character's mana. Magical weapons could have a special ability that restored your mana when they hit an opponent.

The Sorceress has an Energy shield that diverts a proportion of damage to Magic points. Diablo himself, who not only has a ton of HP, but most certainly is a threat.

You'll spend a lot of time attacking and a lot of time dying. Several levels qualify in the higher difficulties, but the most egregious is the Durance of Hate second floor.

What makes this example especially annoying is that, besides its incredible length its area is several times a regular level , there's a chance for it to be filled of Stygian Dolls.

Good luck making through that incredibly long level while fighting them every three rooms. You have a giant maze of hallways, each a single sprite wide.

This means you are forced to fight anything in front of you. There are lot of things in front of you. Only one melee fighter can attack one enemy at a time.

Decided to bring one of the town's lancing mercenaries with you? Well expect them to be either bored or dead.

If you had the misfortune of going the wrong way, well then it looks like you're going to have to go through said process all over again.

Needless to say, it's not one of the game's more attractive experiences. The Druid is sometimes accused of being a Master Of None.

He uses elemental magic, nature summons, and has shapeshifting for melee. However, his magic is weaker than the sorceress', often with huge timers placed on them.

His summons are limited to 1, 3, or 5 damaging minions, while the Necromancer can have somewhere around 40 skeletons total. His melee skills are up to the task, but since his were-forms have limited durations, he has to worry about turning back into a human mid-battle.

The Assassin can unlock chests without a key. Some have complained that it's a pointless skill, since keys are so easy to come by in the game that you're usually selling the extras to make room in your inventory.

Kehjistan combines Mayincatec building elements with South Asian jungles. It is also the seat of power of a monotheistic, very Christian influenced world religion, and most of it has a very Darkest Africa feel.

They do practice blood sacrifice - to the prime evil Mephisto, probably without even knowing it. Act I takes place in the same medieval region as the first game, and takes it even further by expanding the area around Tristram and featuring the Monastery.

Some very high level items that increased XP gain, and items ranging from low to high levels that increase gold drops or the chance that randomly dropped items will be magical and the power of magical items that drop.

Summon-focused necromancers can have more than 30 minions of various types on screen at a time. Druids can summon a small horde of minions too, though theirs are far less effective.

Diablo II is pretty much an exercise in minmaxing. Every build has optimal stat and skill placement and item choices. Deviating from the build in any way, or heaven forbid trying to make something unique or using whatever equipment you pick up off the ground, ensures that you will have to use effort to get through hell difficulty.

Furthermore, minmaxing extends to the items as well as characters. Nihlathak and The Ancients use skills accessible to Necromancers and Barbarians.

Nihlathak in particular is fitting, as using your abilities quick enough prevents him from using the same very deadly abilities against you both use up corpses.

Money has three uses: Reviving your mercenary, repairing your gear, and gambling in which you spend money on an item with unknown properties.

It's still one of the best ways to get good equipment in single player. Early on, it's a good idea to buy gear regularly.

Every now and then, you can get some useful but expensive gear from the right merchant. Especially for the Paladin, the Sorceress and the Necromancer, because they need specific weapons that don't drop more often than others, and cannot be acquired through gambling.

The SOJ was a powerful ring that was duped to such ridiculous levels that it served as the de facto currency in the game, and the Diablo Clone was Blizzard's way of getting rid of excess SoJs.

Gambling allows one a relatively decent odds of getting a desired item, assuming one has sufficient money it "only" takes a few thousand tries, if you're not unlucky.

Necromancers can create skeletons out of fallen enemies to fight alongside him. Until he learns the Revive spell, which is the pinnacle of necromancy because it animates a creature in a way that gives it access to all the intelligence it had in life but gives control to the Necromancer, they all turn into humanoid, human-sized skeletons—even if they were previously foot-tall imp demons.

Or a cloud of flies. Or a ghost, or a bug. At least the imps might have bones. This is apparently justified by Necromancers not actually using the bones of a defeated enemy for creating the skeleton, but rather just using the dead energy of it to animate other bones.

Standard, where anywhere other than the towns will be absolutely swarming with monsters, including the sewers under the town.

This is justified, since literally all Hell is flooding into the mortal realm and the world is nearing its destruction.

Several enemies can revive dead enemies such as the fallen shaman. The Necromancer has the ability to summon Helpful Mooks such as skeletons and Golems.

Several of the Amazon powers including one actually named Multi-Shot. Certain monsters can spawn with this attribute as well. Mummies are a particularly common enemy in Act II.

The lore says that unlike zombies with their rotten flesh, mummies conserve their muscles and tissues intact which makes them physically stronger than other types of undead.

Mummies can be produced in infinite numbers from sarcophagi and "die" in a burst of poisonous gases from the chemicals used to preserve their ancient bodies escaping, of course , and greater mummies, the remains of Horadric mages who, to honor them, had animal parts grafted onto their bodies in death.

They could raise other kinds of undead but not each other and threw black "Unholy Bolts". The official guide suggests using fire arrows or spells to scout ahead in dark areas.

My Death Is Just the Beginning: The series features a plan that requires two deaths, masterminded by the eponymous demon himself. It was first hinted at in Diablo II by the fallen angel Izual, who hints that the deaths of the Prime Evils are serving some greater purpose.

In Diablo III , the purpose is to get all the defeated Evils, Prime and Lesser, into the same Black Soulstone, which is then jammed into the chest of the daughter Diablo fathered after being killed the first time.

This allows Diablo to become the personality in charge of the full power of the Prime Evil. All magic weapons are named.

As a quest reward, you can ask a person to inscribe one of your objects with your name. Diablo II has its Necromancer player character. He can raise skeletons, summon golems, revive the dead, dish out poison and element-less magic damage, debuff enemies with curses, and a favorite of many players: Ironically, necromancers are described as the only non-divine magic-users whose abilities aren't inherently corruptive—they're devoted not to death, but to the cycle of life and death, and they oppose Hell because the demons have been trying to break the cycle.

Legacy of Blood has Kara Nightshadow as a heroine, and is genuinely one of the good guys. She often has to explain to other characters how her use of death magic doesn't conflict with her apparent alignment.

Humbart is a spirit bound to a skull. Nothing else, just a skull. He can see, hear, and talk, but that is about it. Zayl makes it a point to keep Humbart hidden when he's around anyone else, lest they think he's evil.

The Sin War trilogy briefly explains the origins of the Necromancers. Heaven is at war with Hell, and both sides think they could win by "recruiting" the mortals of Sanctuary.

They would like to kick ALL Angels and Demons out of Sanctuary, but, lacking the ability to do so, they wind up fighting against whichever side is winning.

Like the first game, you can replay the entire game after you've completed a difficulty level. The Idiosyncratic Difficulty Levels are more like this.

The Harlequin Crest returns, and is one of the best hats in the game. Unfortunately, it stands out like a sore thumb in a fairly realistic and gritty Grimdark world because it's a neon green hood.

You can also wear skull helmets, winged helmets, and assorted other interesting headgear. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! Every hero in the series has done something or another to screw things up.

Including frigging Tyrael , your archangel ally. Marius, however, is the shining example. Not only does he violently bugger up by yanking Tal Rasha's Soulstone and thus releasing Baal while Diablo and Tyrael were occupied, but he breaks things worse by inaction due to not going through the Hell Gate and having the Soulstone fragment destroyed.

This does little to make his death at the end of the main game any less tragic. Nice Job Fixing It, Villain! Baal corrupts the Worldstone, forcing Tyrael to destroy it.

The Necromancer goes squee over the Arcane Sanctuary: I wish I had time to study this bizarre dimension.

What does he do with that gold? Angels got to pay the bills too. Only it can reveal the true path to Mephisto.

Khalim's Brain knows Mephisto's weakness. Projectiles only really become dangerous when there are loads of them, or they home.

The Amazons also have a spell that slows down any missile. The partial exception to this is the red lightning Diablo itself fires, which is very difficult to avoid completely.

Unfortunately, the Amazon's arrows also qualify which is why she gets fancy multi-shot and machine gunning skills to compensate.

Lumps move under his skin, horns sprout from his brow, and his face stretches and twists as he howls in pain. Thankfully, he collapses and the rest of the transformation occurs hidden under his cloak.

The Paladin is one of the selectable classes. He left the Corrupt Church of Zakarum and seeks to destroy the demons responsible for its corruption. Bookshelves usually yield a single spell tome at best.

Averted; there's a specific 'travel gap' between the different Acts - an unseen and assumed caravan takes you from the temperate Rogues camp to the desert of Lut Gholein, then an unseen boat takes you from the desert to the jungle of Kurast, then the end of that Act opens a magical portal directly to Hell.

If you have the LoD expansion, a helpful angel teleports you directly from Hell to the fifth Act in the snowy mountains. Peninsula of Power Leveling: The first area of Act V used to be a great place to level grind thanks to relatively easy monsters who gave exp like candy.

It got fixed in a patch later on though. The general peninsulas for Diablo 2 are something along the lines of: Tristram for Tomb runs for Cow level for Baal Runs on varying difficulty modes for 25 on.

There's also an Ascended Glitch that lets you equip items to gain stats, which lets you equip even better items. Resistances and immunities apply.

Against other players, it does only 4. This works with ranged attacks but the effect is halved. Diablo II is more notable than the first game for being in this state even after a decade of semi-annual support.

Most skills are bugged and many are outright broken even after ten years of patches. A few particularly offensive examples of bugs that still plague it: The "Lying Character Screen".

Due to the character screen not being updated in patches, while fundamental game mechanics have been, the character screen is notorious for displaying incorrect numbers for every gameplay value except the player's name, level, experience, and health.

Melee spear skills for the Amazon class are so broken that players will call you crazy for considering them. One skill has such a slow animation that a monster can walk away before it lands.

The ceremony takes place December 6th. And Disney's Netflix-fighter has a name. A newsletter a day keeps the FOMO at bay.

Just enter your email and we'll take care of the rest: YouTube is available for the Nintendo Switch. You can even play degree videos.

Speedrunning never sounded so good. Hooray, yet another retro throwback console.

Protect the pirate ship by shooting and matching bubbles with the cannon. While the enemy AI is okay, the ally AI is definitely not. Get free spins to find the hidden objects that unlock the wheel of fortune. They fall fast and faster; test your reflexes in this arcade game. It's often stated that Neutral characters begrudgingly admit that Good-aligned characters make slightly more manageable neighbors, as opposed to their much more unpleasant cousins. This happens Beste Spielothek in Sengenried finden the first dart wm teilnehmer protagonist when he fails to contain Diablo's soul. Simple gameplay, excellent graphics and unlimited undos! Projectiles only really Beste Spielothek in Tiefensall finden dangerous when there are loads of them, or they home. Form long words and earn combo points. Simple to play yet impossible to win, challenge your reflex right now! Prove your skills and help little Pengu to jump from floe to floe! Marius, however, is the shining example. Connect sushi before you run out of moves. They were often incorporated into the game's Copy Protection mechanism in order to make it a little less jarring. Try your hand as a lumberjack in the exciting Beste Spielothek in Echteler finden game!

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